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E-Six Vapors vaping and e-cigarette accessories include quality atomizers and atomizer components – providing the best vaping experience for our customers. In an e-cigarette, the atomizer acts at the heating element, turning the e-liquid to vapor, and allowing it to be inhaled. The atomizer takes e-liquid from the drip tip (or mouthpiece), heats it, then returns it to the tip for inhalation.

We are proud to offer some of the industry's best atomizers. As vapers ourselves, we are committed to selecting the best vaping products, and giving our customers the best vaping experience. There are no fakes with us - just high quality atomizers and vaping supplies. We also work to keep our prices as low as possible.

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Vaping is an alternative to smoking. When e-liquid is placed on an electronic cigarette atomizer, heated and inhaled, a vapor is produced which simulates the act of smoking - delivering nicotine (or nicotine free e-liquid).
E-Six Vapors LLC is a three-member partnership comprised of former HEAVY smokers who developed a passion for vaping. We work hard to offer great vaping and e-cig products, the best e-liquid, quality ingredients and awesome customer service. It's our goal to be the best vapor shop and e-cig store in CT and the entire USA! Happy vaping!
An electronic cigarette is used for vaping, and is typically comprised of four components:
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