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Picking the best e-juice flavor is like asking what is better: a fresh-from-the-oven pizza or a juicy burger cooked to order – the answer is totally dependent on your taste. Since we want to serve everyone, everywhere, here is a list of the best e-Liquids, ranked by popularity in our stores.

  1. Our twist on the classic RY-4 style tobacco flavor is sure to be a favorite of any tobacco lover. This 50PG/50VG E-Liquid flavor mixes notes of caramel & vanilla with a classic tobacco base.

  2. This 80VG/20PG fresh juicy strawberry & marshmallow e-liquid flavor is infused with just the right amount of mango. This fruity E-Liquid delight will provide a very satisfying vapor.

  3. This thick 80VG/20PG E-Liquid is sure to entice all your senses with a creamy vanilla custard taste finished off with a touch of sweet cinnamon. This E-Liquid brew is very reminiscent of that New England Fall weather.

  4. Sweet fruit candy flavor, some get gummy worms others get sweet tarts, either way it's delicious! Want a delicious flavor & great cloud production, look no further than this 80VG/20PG E-Liquid blend.

  5. If you prefer a pure menthol taste from your E-Liquid then you will enjoy Sweet Leaf Menthol E-Liquid. It is very smooth with a subtle menthol taste.

  6. This elegant tobacco E-Liquid blend provides a deliciously smooth authentic tobacco experience with a full-bodied menthol taste. Once you start puffing you will be transposed to scenes of the old west, leaving you reminiscing about your first tobacco experience.

  7. This E-Liquid is ideal for those seeking a real, bold tobacco flavor. This e-liquid blend is not semi-sweet like some of our other tobacco e-liquid blends. Very rich and flavorful! Appealing to many new to vaping.

  8. You can’t go wrong with this deliciously sweet E-Liquid. It is an E-Liquid for those who prefer a smooth, fresh blueberry flavor blended with sweet ice cream e-liquid. A light, sweet vape with no "fake candy" E-Liquid aftertaste.

  9. This delicious dessert E-Liquid is a favorite of many. It's a warm and sweet bread pudding with a light vanilla drizzle. It’s 80PG/20VG E-Liquid ratio makes for a super smooth vape.

  10. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer afternoon than this fan favorite E-Liquid. Water-Berry is a very cool and crisp watermelon and strawberry E-Liquid explosion with the perfect amount of sweetness. Once you try this E-Liquid you will be hooked. A great balance of sweetness and smoothness will make this E-Liquid your all day vape.

In the end vaping always comes down to personal preference, no matter your taste, we are sure you will find the flavor that suits you best within our product line. Check out our full line of E-Liquid options from sweet to fruit flavors to tobacco - we got you covered.
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