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5 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your E-Cig or Vape MOD

Like your smartphone, your Vape MOD or e-cig is with you all the time. And similar to your phone, it can be a challenge to keep both devices charged throughout the day. There’s no worse feeling than reaching your hand into your pocket or purse to find a dying e-cig or Vape MOD battery.

Many early e-cig and vape MOD models actually used disposable batteries, but the devices now use lithium-ion polymer batteries, just like your smartphone. And while they are rechargeable, e-cig and vape MOD battery life does have a limit. Typically units will last up to about 300 charging cycles.

To avoid finding yourself with a low charge on your device, and in a frantic search for an outlet to charge a battery before it dies, here are five ways to extend your e-cig or vape MOD battery life.

1. Don’t Overcharge – Avoid too much of a good thing. It’s easy to plug in your e-cig or vape MOD overnight to charge, but unfortunately, that's also one of the quickest ways to damage your long-term e-cig and vape MOD battery life. Instead, try shorter, intermittent charging opportunities using a car charging adapter to help extend your e-cig or vape MOD battery life.

2. Don’t Let It Die Completely – Did you know that waiting until your battery is completely depleted can damage your e-cig or vape MOD battery life? Try thinking of your battery as “empty” when it’s at 50 percent capacity, which will help to avoid undue stress on your e-cig or vape MOD battery life. Bringing it back to full charge from lower than 50 percent, or when completely empty, weakens its ability to function properly, even when fully charged.

3. Keep it Cool & Dry – Most of us don’t think about how we treat our e-cig or vape MOD battery when we are not using it, but storage conditions can make all the difference in longevity. If you have spare e-cig or vape MOD batteries you’ll be storing for a long time, avoid direct sunlight, heat and increased humidity or contact with a liquid. Additionally, ensure batteries are properly protected in a case to avoid sudden impacts that could affect your e-cig and vape MOD battery life long-term.

4. Disconnect Tank When Storing – Give your e-cig and vape MOD battery life a break when they are not in use. Disconnect the tank when storing your device for longer periods of time and this will help extend your e-cig or vape MOD battery life.

5. Keep it Clean – It doesn’t take long for the threads on your e-cig or vape MOD battery to get dusty or gunky. Over time, small amounts of e-liquid can leak and dirty up the tiny air holes under the threading. This makes it harder to draw on the e-cigarette and can eventually stop it from working entirely. To clean your e-cig or vape MOD battery, use a cotton swab or Q-tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol on it, and a toothpick to unclog the air holes. Periodic cleanings can help you prolong your e-cig or vape MOD battery life.

Implement these easy tips to keep your e-cigarette or vape MOD battery working for you up to 300 charging cycles. More battery life means more opportunity to enjoy our industry leading e-liquid flavors!

If you think your e-cig or vape MOD battery life is an end, check out our extensive line of replacement e-cig batteries, as well as other battery charging tools and vaping accessories that can help you get the most from your e-cig or vape MOD battery life. Our experience team is always here to help, and it might be the perfect time to upgrade.

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