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About E-Six Vapors' E-Cig and Vaping Supplies

E-Six was founded by three friends with the mission of offering the very best e-cig and vaping equipment, and to spread the word about vaping. We started as DIYers, and through years of experience, education and training have become some of the area’s leading e-cig and vaping professionals.

We offer the very best e-liquid ( our own custom e-juice), including our premium Archetype e-liquid, and have a wide variety of e-cigs and vaping equipment. We don’t sell knock-offs or cheap products that break, fail and create a poor experience. Through a consistent dedication to excellence E-Six has earned a reputation as one of the best resources for e-cigarette , e-liquid and advanced vaping (PV) supplies.

Excellent Products

CT e-cigarette showroom

When we started vaping we became members of an awesome community of people who loved e-cigs and PVs. We built our business to serve this group, and made it our mission to research, select and sell the very best products. We’ve tested countless mods, Advanced PVs, and starter kits to ensure we are selling the best vaping supplies available.

We wanted to make sure we appealed to everyone – from people just starting out to very advanced vapers. When you come to E-Six you’ll discover we carry everything from starter kits to the high-end collectors pieces.

Best Prices for Vaping Supplies, E-Cigs & PVs

We love vaping and e-cigs, and we work hard to spread the word. We are not greedy. Our entire team believes that people should get an awesome product when using their hard-earned dollar to buy something. We’ve built our one vaping store and well as three vapor shops by offering great prices, and for those who can visit our Branford, CT, Middletown, CT or Milford, CT stores, we provide the opportunity to experience what you are purchasing in person. We provide help with e-cig and vaping products, advice, and work to make the process fast and easy.

We believe we have the best products and most competitive prices you can find.

A Better E-Cig & Vaping Shop Experience

We are proud to say that E-Six has, by far, the most knowledgeable staff in the area. Our team is lead by three partner owners who each have years of vaping experience, and everyone at E-Six knows our product line in detail. Contact us online or come into one of our three CT stores – not only will we provide great products, but we teach our customers and help them improve their vaping experience.

Three CT E-Cigarette & Vaping Stores

Before our online site was developed, we started with one brick-and-mortar store. We knew Connecticut needed, and deserved, a great e-cig and vaping shop. We wanted to offer outstanding vaping products that you could see and feel before you buy. We will always be Connecticut’s first e-cigarette and vaping store, and we continually strive to remain the best!

Come and visit us in Branford, CT, Middletown, CT or Milford, CT.

You can always shop online, any time and at any hour. At E-Six we are always working to make the e-cigarette and vaping experience the very best is can be.
The Area’s Best Vapor Shop & E-Cig Store
Vaping is an alternative to smoking. When e-liquid is placed on an electronic cigarette atomizer, heated and inhaled, a vapor is produced which simulates the act of smoking - delivering nicotine (or nicotine free e-liquid).
E-Six Vapors LLC is a three-member partnership comprised of former HEAVY smokers who developed a passion for vaping. We work hard to offer great vaping and e-cig products, the best e-liquid, quality ingredients and awesome customer service. It's our goal to be the best vapor shop and e-cig store in CT and the entire USA! Happy vaping!
An electronic cigarette is used for vaping, and is typically comprised of four components:
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